Questions to ask your local movers

Questions to ask your local movers

Moving to a new home means that you will have to make a lot of decisions and you won’t have too much time for that. From choosing a perfect moving date, deciding what services you will need, to hiring local movers to help you out. As you know, the most important decisions are always the hardest – and that is how to find professional movers that will meet all of your requests.

When you start searching for furniture movers, you will see there are thousands of local movers out there, and there is no shortage of choices. To choose the best movers, you will have to prepare for calling them, and the best way to prepare is to ask the right questions. 

If this is your first time preparing for this, don’t worry, we can help you out. We have prepared the list of the most important questions, but feel free to add more based on your moving situation. Check out these and let us know if you have some other ideas!

The thing that we want to learn about the most - pricing plans

How do you charge for your services?

how local movers charge for their services

Let’s be honest, we are all worried about the moving budget and we are trying to save more whenever we are moving. That is why one of the first questions should be related to the price. Ask your local movers how do they create a moving price and what affects it. This way, you will be able to determine what you want to include and exclude so the whole service fits your moving budget. The price is always determined by the number of local movers, services that you want to have, and the complexity of your move. 

Is it cheaper if I book labor-only moving?

When moving on a budget, we are trying our best to find new ways to save. If you don’t mind renting a U-haul, pod, or truck, maybe this might be an option for you. You will have more organization and planning on your plate, but it might be more affordable. That is why you should check with your local movers if there is a huge price difference between hiring them with a truck and hiring only professional movers.

Nowadays, many local moving companies have the same price whether you are using the moving truck or not, but you are not losing anything to check. Explore your options and be creative when planning your upcoming move and trying to save. 

Is there any price difference between days?

Since the most desirable days for moving are Saturdays and Fridays, those days might be more expensive. When you are moving on the budget, you should keep your schedule flexible and that is how you can hire high-quality local movers at a more affordable price. In situations like this, you can ask your local movers if there is some price difference between different days and decide accordingly. However, when you are moving during the moving season, which is between April and October, the price might be the same no matter the day. This is why it is important to make a plan for your moving ahead of time because you can save a lot. That is why we love to say that a good plan is golden! 

Hand is turning a dice and changes the direction of an arrow symbolizing that the price is going down (or vice versa), local movers

Are there any hidden fees?

Even though you are going to learn everything about the prices that your local movers are offering over the phone, you can never be too sure and safe. The last thing that you want to happen to you is that you get surprised on a moving day with some expenses that are not planned in your moving budget. Sometimes, local movers think that you are already aware of the charges that are regulated by the states. But why would you know about these? To avoid any surprise, make sure to check with your team if there are some additional charges they haven’t mentioned over the phone. Also, you should read the confirmation email and agreement that you will receive from your local movers to confirm that you are aware of everything that you will be paying for. 

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Learn if your local movers can meet all of your requests

Can you meet all of my requests?

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Different local movers are offering different services, and you should learn all about them to determine if they can help you with everything you need. Every move is unique, and it is natural that you will have some requests on your own. Make sure to think of everything that you need so you can check with your local movers if they can help you out with that. Usually, local movers have a standard service that includes tools for disassembly and reassembly of your furniture, protection of your items, handling heavy pieces, and so on.

Of course, the price will include local movers with a truck. And everything that you want besides that might be considered as an extra service. Knowing that your local movers can meet all of your requests will help you plan your move ahead of time. And you should feel free to ask your local movers whatever you would like them to do for you. 

Is there any weight limit for particular items?

Local movers always have some restrictions when it comes to the weight of particular items and also what you are allowed to pack and whatnot. Make sure to check all of this so there are no surprises on a moving day. Most professional movers have a weight limit of 300 to 450 lbs. If you have something extra heavy, such as a piano, a safe, a pool table, or anything of that sort, you should check with your local movers if they can move it or not.

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In case they are not allowed to take these, you can always find a specialized local moving company who will handle just that item, while your chosen company takes care of everything else for you. 

Packing related questions

Can you help me with packing?

Men Packing The Chair With Plastic, local movers

Professional movers can always help you with packing, but it’s not a part of their standard service. You will have to request this service extra. Don’t forget to check with your local movers if there are some additional charges for this service. Usually, when local movers are charging hourly, they won’t have any additional charges, but the move will last longer and therefore you will have to pay something extra. If this service fits your budget, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself because you won’t have to lift a finger during the relocation. It will reduce the level of stress, for sure.

Are the moving boxes included?

When you are planning to hire professional movers to help you with the packing as well, you should always check if the packing boxes are included in the price, because they usually are not. You have a few options – to buy packing boxes from local movers or to provide them on your own. Also, you can mix and match, buy some boxes on your own and ask your professional movers to bring the rest. There are many options, so feel free to be creative with this.

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Let’s hope this doesn’t happen, but you should still learn about it - damages and claims

Are you licensed?

licensed local movers

Hiring licensed local movers is a must! Don’t even think about risking the safety of your items over a couple of dollars that you can save for hiring some furniture movers without a license. Having licensed local movers will make you feel safe because you will know that even if something goes wrong, you will have some sort of protection. Also, licensed local movers always have moving insurance included, so you won’t have to worry about that. No matter how trained your professional movers are, the damages might happen and you should make sure you do your best to keep your items safe and sound.

What coverage insurance is included?

Speaking of a license, you should also check with your local movers what type of coverage insurance is included in the price. Most local movers have the basic coverage insurance included in the price, and that is 60 cents per pound in most cases. However, if you have some valuable items that you want to keep safer, you can always purchase third-party insurance. Your professional movers can’t sell you this, but they will be glad to accept any of your choices.

Manager is holding Product Liability Insurance policy.

How do you handle complaints?

Let’s face it, if you ask your local movers how do they handle complaints, they will tell you everything that you want to hear. But still, you can recognize if they are being honest or not. At least, you can learn how the whole procedure works, like if you should send over some evidence or not, etc. So that is what you should learn from this question. On the other hand, to learn more about the way they are handling complaints, you should search online to see if there were some bad reviews and usually local movers have these due to the nature of the business. Read these and see if your professional movers have replied to them. This will tell you a lot about the way your furniture movers are handling complaints.

Let’s see what should you ask when you decide to book your move

Can you fulfill my building requirements?

Moving from a building comes with some other obstacles to a smooth move, and those can be overcome easily. You should just check with your building management if they have some requirements on their own, and you need to forward those to your local movers. Building requirements might be various, but here are the most common requests: 

  • Your building will need your professional movers to provide a certificate of insurance
  • Local movers need you to protect the elevator and their building property 
  • You might need to reserve the elevator 
  • Your building allows moving-ins and outs at the particular days only or at time of the day

And much more, but that is up to your building management.

Do I need to lay down the deposit?

Businessmen give money to businessmen. Business people get money from business people. Businessmen pay the deposit after the contract has been completed, local movers

Once you decide what local movers would you like to use for your upcoming moving project, you will have to secure your spot somehow. Usually, the only way local movers accept is to lay down the deposit that will be applied towards the final bill once the move is done. This deposit might vary from $50 to $150, so make sure that you really want to use those local movers once you book them.

What is your cancellation policy?

You shouldn’t book local movers unless you are sure you want to use their services. However, sometimes life can get busy and plans might change, so you will need to make some changes to your moving reservation as well. In situations like that, you should let your local movers about cancelations and changes of date in time. So, make sure to check what is their cancelation policy so you don’t lose your deposit and have some additional expenses when you can prevent them.

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